Matt Bitches About “Total Recall” on Cinematology

David sits down with Craig Kandiko from FTG and Matt Papayanopulos from Random Assault to discuss the remake of Total Recall. David and Craig seemed to enjoy it, but Matt is a noted hater of the concept of remaking his favorite movie of all time, so what does he think?

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POW block Episode 114: Live From Mars

This week Mitch the dorkburger from Random Assault takes Josh’s seat, as he’s off politicing, and shares his wealth of Sony and Kingdom Hearts knowledge. Derek still hasn’t been playing Mass Effect!? Eric plays nothing that has come out this year and thinks video games should be Olympic events. David hates some games and loves some other games

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Random Assault Podcast Episode 060: Hangin’ with Deadpool

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Total Recall 2012: Total Rehash

So no surprise to no one, I absolutely hated Total Recall 2012.  I may seem reserved in the below video, but rest assured I would have walked out of this movie about 40 minutes in if my buddy Paul wasn’t there with me to make fun of this useless, soulless, toothless, morose mother fucker.

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Fifty Shades of Stupid Ideas Comes to a Premature End?

For those of you following along, the past couple of days I’ve been going through a list of ridiculous sex ideas one by one and picking them apart and griping about them in a humorous fashion.

It would appear that Mr Johnny Love of has taken notice of this little exercise and has become rather butthurt over my fun-poking. He has since placed copyright protection on his webpage, making it impossible to highlight text or copy/paste.

This little toerag seems to fail to understand the concept of editorializing or parody. Like, I’m not trying to steal your awful work. I am in no way trying to pass it off as my own. I’m merely pointing out how fucking stupid it is. This isn’t the act of someone up in arms about infringement, it’s an act of pure, undiluted butthurt.

So, there’s a couple options here, readers. In one scenario, we can just call it quits and say we’ve had our fun. However, if you are interested in moving on, i can simply link to the article in question and fill our RA posts with commentary alone.

Before anyone asks, no, I’m not typing out the Gospel of Johnny Love by hand.

So, what would you guys like?

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Fifty Shades of Stupid Ideas Part 2

Have fun yesterday, testing out all of your new kinky love-making tips? I hope you’ve all made out in the rain while roleplaying as your next door neighbor. We’re back today with another ten kinky sex ideas that don’t usually involve sex and aren’t very kinky at all. Let’s dive right in, shall we? Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of Stupid Ideas Part 1

Right about now, the funk soul brother everyone with mammary glands, myself included, has been reading the fanfic-turned-fistfuck Fifty Shades trilogy. Well, at least the first one. Am I the only one who actually went ahead with the second book?

ANYWAY, it seems to have led to a lot of people looking into being tied up, spanked and thoroughly rogered. Continue reading

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