Shape Shifting


Not everything in life is given for free, and you have to fucking work for it. But a majority of these things make you feel a lot better because you knew what it took to get it.

This applies to many things, but for now I’m talking about fitness.

Exercise is great (obviously) but not just for physical reasons. It helps test your mentality and is an amazing boost to your confidence. Because of work schedules I don’t go to the gym and box as much as I used to, but I train when I can. I also understand how difficult it can be to get into exercising for most; some people may be gym shy (this is natural) others just won’t make the time. Here are some pointers I can give to those that have wanted to try but for whatever reason have yet to get into it.

 Make Goals

Look carefully at what you want: Are you looking to lose weight? Do you wanna tone up? Maybe impress that female “friend” of yours. It won’t be easy but take a good look at yourself and decide on what CAN be done. Try small goals at first like small weights, jogging or dieting (check online and with your doctor for this) and see what works for you. It sounds obvious but it makes all the difference.


Stick with the plans you make. It’s easy to get off course but if you really want this, work for it. My old boxing coach told me something I think about EVERY day: “If you do something for 7 days it becomes a habit”. Because of this I still do sit ups and push ups because I forced myself to at first but now it’s normal.  Try it yourself with anything and see if it works for you.


Ok. Everybody is different. Telling you what to eat wouldn’t help because you don’t have to eat 100% healthy, just look at what you eat and see what can be adjusted to help benefit you. I don’t eat like a rabbit, and my body needs more fuel than most so I try to eat small meals per day. Again, see the doctor.

NOT this one though

 Keep Note

Keeping a log of everything you have done shows your progress and much further you could go. Your diet, work-out scheme, anything can be jotted down and help you get to your goal quicker. Most people use this to start off, a lot of people that have done this for years still do.

 Have Fun

You put in more when you enjoy something you do. Don’t think of this as work, just have fun with it. Seriously, you are your own boss, go at your pace.

Remember, these are what I started with, and sometimes still use. Some people just need a small push or a door opened for them to get started. Also, introducing a friend to this can benefit you if you don’t want to do this alone. Take your time, and enjoy.

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  1. Wait… where’s the porn? I don’t get it. This is too helpful.


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