How To Avoid Reading Unwanted Articles on the Internet: A Beginners Guide.

If you are like me, you like to read things on the internet. Whether it be a review, article, blogs etc., the internet is full of great reading material. But, sometimes you come across something that doesn’t interest you or that you simply want to avoid. This is a complicated situation. You may find yourself asking “What can I do to resolve this?” Well the answer is very simple. I have outlined the steps to take to actively avoid reading unwanted material.

Step 1: Find something you don’t want to read.

Now, this could be many different things. It could be a review for a game you don’t want spoiled, or maybe an opinion about something that conflicts with your own opinion of said thing. Or maybe it is just generally offensive to you. All of these are prime examples of reasons you would not want to read something.

I have gone and randomly picked out an article online, as not to inject my own bias into this article. I will now show you how to avoid said article on the internet.

A prime example of something you would NOT want to read.

Step 2: Don’t read it.

Now, this may seem a little rediculous. The biggest step in actively avoiding unwanted reading material is to not read the article. This will prevent your precious little eyeballs from witnessing this travesty that is your unwanted reading material.

And there you have it. I have outlined every step neccesary to avoid unwanted reading material on the internet. Now, get out there and don’t read shitty articles!

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