Random Assault Podcast Episode 028: The Definition of Maturity

Originally Aired October 10th, 2011

What?! A real girl? Alex brings home his special lady to meet the cast, and instead of any semblance of decorum, we ramble our way through discussions on pornography, body parts, and the power of the human spirit. Meanwhile, Kate grapples with her Pinocchio complex.  It’s a laid back, shoot-the-shit kinda show this week, so gather round and let us whisper sweet nothings in your ears.

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You can find Mela’s crazy tumblr here

Alex's girlfriend stops by...

...so the topic of conversation is porn, of course.

For whatever reason, Mela thinks this is not representative of women who play games.

But this is okay apparently.

We use our imaginations and play pretend

We sail the seven sites, plundering intellectual property wherever we find it.

And one among us exposes the source of their power

And…..introducing (finally)

What the hell is this, you may ask? Well, even if you don’t ask, we’re gonna tell ya. This is our new video review series, because the internet just needs another one.  We don’t have an exact schedule for them yet, but you can find them on our YouTube channel, and we’ll post them here as well.

In episode numero uno, Kate picks apart Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s story mode.

Sorry about the Skype noises. I thought I got all of them, but blargh. Matt says he’s going to hang me by my ankles and flog me. And here I thought he said he was going to punish me.

This week, you guys actually did something and sent us listener questions, most of them great, some of them retarded, but we love ‘em all anyway. And most of all, we love you.

Seriously, keep 'em coming guys.

Darthspud once again graces our landing page by making a replica of, well, me. You know how to make a lady feel special.

And Zabu-san brings us....whatever that says. Thanks, buddy!

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Ah, look at that. I got to work Firefly and Kristen Bell into a landing page. I can die happy.

About Random Assault

Random Assault is a collabaration of nerds who get together every Sunday to talk about whatever they want on their show Random Assault Podcast. What makes us unique is that we bring on guests from all walks of life who are just as passonate about entertainment as we are, guests including you! Just drop us a line and we'll put you on the list of guests, it's that easy!
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