Taste Testers: Jones Soda Holiday Pack 2011

Yeah, this one’s a little late, but it’s a special edition of Taste Testers, featuring my two younger sisters, Molly and Madeline. This edition also matches the previous Marble Pop one, in that we’re trying soda… but not just ANY soda: the Jones Soda 2011 Holiday Pack! Now, I’m not sure if this is an alternate holiday pack that was sold exclusively in stores, because normally the Jones Soda Special Packs are sold only on the internet, and sell out very quickly. But hey, we went to Five Below and got our hands on a few packs of these unique flavors, so why not put it up as a Taste Testers episode? Better yet, it’s a VIDEO! (Sorry for the almost Sega-CD-quality, my camera is shit unless the sun is out…)

Quick breakdown of how the flavors hold up:

  • Pear Tree: This one could have tasted like pear or tree, given Jones history of sometimes going “Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans” with these special packs. Thankfully for me and not so thankfully for you viewers, it was pear, and pretty delicious, too! And I don’t even like pear! Imagine cream soda but fruitier and you’re sorta there.
  • Gingerbread: Smells like gingerbread, tastes like gingerbread. I can imagine this would gross some people out but I enjoyed it. Maybe once the novelty wore off (or the bottle started going flat), it got worse. I felt like it was just root beer mixed with ginger ale.
  • Sugar Plum: Again, not sure what plums taste like, so I’d have to say this one is exactly like it? Either way, it does taste sorta purple-y, possibly revealing a connection between color pigment and flavor. It was really sweet, though, and I imagine it would go well with some sort of fruity Christmas candy. Speaking of which…
  • Candy Cane: I fucking hate peppermint, as stated about 40 times in the above video, so I was really hoping this would be one of the fruity candy canes instead. It wasn’t. Now, if you like peppermint, this soda will probably be really damn refreshing, as it’s pretty spot-on in the taste department. Heck, I downed the rest of the bottle later and I didn’t even hate it all that much!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this special video edition of Taste Testers, and have a Happy Late Holidays!

Oh, and in case you were wondering what songs I used in the video…

  • “The Best Christmas” by George & Jonathan
  • “Unironic Christmas Medley” by SAVESTATES
  • “Snow Bunnies” by George & Jonathan
  • “Christmas” by George & Jonathan
  • “Estaban’s Christmas” by George & Jonathan

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