RA: Our First Games For Each Console

Remember your first game for every console you owned? Was there a funny story behind it? No? Then read ours…please.

Ninitendo Gameboy

It was sometime in 1995 when I was able to finally get my hands on my own Nintendo Gameboy. At this point they were released in different colors, due in part, and unbeknownst to me, they would be releases the Gameboy Pocket the following year. This wouldn’t be the last time Nintendo would pull that sort of shit as I would learn again later.

So I picked out a green one (because they didn’t have black) and chose two games: Galaga/Galaxian and Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins. I picked Mario for obvious reasons what being a ten year old and obsessed, but some may be surprised at my Classic Arcade choice. The reason was I was a pretty short and timid kid, so whenever my dad would take me to an arcade I was too intimidated by all the big kids at all the cool arcade machines so I would gravitate towards the ones no one was playing, hence Galaga. Galaga remains one of my top favorites to this very day, not only for nostalgia, but because it’s a fucking awesome shoot em’ up.

Conseqiently that night I played Mario for so long that when I went to sleep I still saw the game every time I closed my eyes.

Nintendo 64

Fast forward a couple of years to 1997-98 and I had saved up enough birthday and Christmas money to be able to by my first home console. Now because I had a Gameboy I was getting two video game magazines, Nintendo Power and EGM. EGM was reporting on a new system by Sega called the Dreamcast, and I had been reading about the Nintendo 64 for a little while now. I don’t remember why I decided to go with the Nintendo 64 over the Dreamcast, because I remember being very excited about Shenmue, but I think it had something to do with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time being announced that swayed me.

For my first game I ended up getting GoldenEye 64 and playing it for about twelve hours straight when I got home. Also soon after they released the different color N64s, which pissed me off.

Playstation 2

A couple years later, around 2001-02, a little game came out you all might of heard of was driving everyone I knew crazy: Grand Theft Auto III. My best friend and neighbor had a Playstation 2 since it launched, so I was pretty content just going over there and watching him play Oni and Escape from Monkey Island. But when I started seeing commercials for GTAIII and then I watched him play it I knew I had to get a PS2. I saved up my money and bought myself one for a graduation present where my mom worked at the time so I could get a discount. That day I bought Gran Turismo 3, but funnily enough I had bought GTAIII months earlier because of a rumor I heard that Walmart was going to pull it from their shelves. Luckily that same friend let me borrow his PS2 so I could actually play it until I got my own.


Around the same years, probably more like 2002-03 because I remember it was my first year of college, my same friend bought a Gamecube. He was playing Animal Crossing and like most college kids for some reason we were all obsessed with it. I managed to get a combo pack with Super Mario Sunshine and played Animal Crossing for about 3 months straight until getting sick of it forever.

Now in between these years and when I bought my Wii I bought a Gameboy Advance SP and a DS Lite, but I don’t remember when or what game I got first for it, so I can’t really go into too much detail unfortunately.

Nintendo Wii

Ah the Nintendo, how I hate thee, but that wasn’t always the case. Back in 2006 my Nintendo fanboyism had reached a fevered pitch. I was still very much obsessed with The Legend of Zelda series, and when it was announced that Twilight Princess was launching with the Wii I knew I had to have it. So myself and two friends waited in line from 11pm to 8am and were probably the 20th person to get Wii’s. I bought Red Steel and Twilight Princess and was pretty happy with the system, even going as far as to defend the system for about 2 years. And the rest is history as you can tell by my weekly rants on Random Assault podcast.

Playstation 3

Being old and bitter isn’t really conducive to the hobby of video games. As you can notice I always waited a few years before buying any system so I could assess what games were out for each system and I could make an educated decision. The Wii tricked me. Nintendo pulled a fast one so I became vary wary of everything after that. I just bought my PS3 six months ago. I think I’ve learned my lesson.

Wii U


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