Random Assault Rant: Total Recall Remake


There was a few other things I noticed about the Total Recall 2012 trailer too that in general make this look like a boring movie. For starters, the cinematography is bland; muted colors and ‘green’ make this movie look like a sewer. The other thing is the acting, and the Recall guy (Herold, I don’t give a shit enough to look up his real name); why is he such a fucking asshole? Would you give that guy money to fuck with your mind? How does that guy stay in business? It’s a medical procedure but the room looks like it’s about to succumb to mold and asbestos. This style of filming and directing has always annoyed me.

One other thing, I’ve decided to see this move when it hits theaters ONLY because I have two free movie tickets, so at least they are not getting any money from me, and it’ll be more fair of me to judge the movie as a whole rather than the shit it looks like in the trailer.

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