Random Assault Podcast Episode 047: A Troll in Central Park

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Random Assault Podcast #47: A Troll in Central Park


One of our most trollingest fans (?) joins us to confuse the heck out of us and destroy our self esteem. Also Kate muscle-fucked her way onto the episode even though we totally asked her to fuck off. Sorry.

Nothing to say, really.

And the internet threw a collective fit.

These are not the unfulfilled promises you’re looking for…


No, we’re not kidding.


Par for the course with Tareq.


Literally the douchiest argument ever.


Don’t forget,you can still enter to win there fabulous Limited Mortal Kombat 2011 Tour Shirts. They cannot be bought in stores and were sent RIGHT from NetherRealm Studios in Illinois! We’re giving away 3 to the funniest entries. How? Pick anMK character’s power and give it to an RA host. What would they do with it or what would best suit a host. Contest ends May 1st.


Dipping into the ol’ RA mailbag for more of your retarded questions.

If you would like to send us some fan art, fan mail, comments & questions you’d like us to answer, Community Service suggestions,  a guest spot request, or marriage proposals, send an email to randomassaultpodcast@gmail.com.

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Length: 1:58:10


  • Going into 1st Break: “Fantasmo” by b4kn from Treasure Map
  • Coming into 2nd Segment: “Braid” by Knife City from Knife City
  • Going into 2nd Break: “Bologna Sandwich Song” by Brak
  • Coming into 3rd Segment: “White Requiem” from BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
  • Closer: “Twister -Kingdom Mix-“ from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, originally from The World Ends With You


Brony – Matt Papayanopulos

Foul Bachelorette Frog – Kate Reilly

Yelling Forever Alone – Mitch Rozetar

Gadgeteer Genius – Drew Arbogast

Rage Guy – Alex Cabral

Scribe – Tony Johnson

Assistant to the  Brony – Amanda Johnston


About Random Assault

Random Assault is a collabaration of nerds who get together every Sunday to talk about whatever they want on their show Random Assault Podcast. What makes us unique is that we bring on guests from all walks of life who are just as passonate about entertainment as we are, guests including you! Just drop us a line and we'll put you on the list of guests, it's that easy!
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