Random Assault Podcast Episode 050:

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It’s been a long and often bumpy ride, but we finally made it. Fifty fucking episodes. That’s HUGE. We’ve seen plenty of worthy podcasts sputter and die within ten weeks, so for us to make it this far is more than we could’ve ever expected. And it’s all down to you, the listeners. Well, and us, because let’s face it, we are basically perfect, especially Matt. But seriously folks, without support from wonderful listeners like you, we wouldn’t be here.

So this week, we’re throwing the baby out with the paralyzed Bear Grylls and instead of the usual format, we’re treating you to not one, not two, but FIVE HOURS of Random Assault goodness.

Alex takes us back through each and every one of our past shows, and reveals things we’d rather were still buried. We spill all our dirty secrets, talk about the show, and hell, just plain talk about us, because today, isn’t that what’s most important?

It’s a great big, huge fuck-off castravaganza, and you’re invited.

No listener questions this week, unfortunately, there was just too much stuff to cram into this episode. We’ll be back with a more normal cast next week, promise!

So, let’s get to it.

If you would like to send us some fan art, fan mail, comments & questions you’d like us to answer, Community Service suggestions,  a guest spot request, or essays about the inferiority of other podcasts, send an email to randomassaultpodcast@gmail.com.

Length (!!!!): 5:08:49


  • Going into 1st Break: “We Finally Did It” by George & Jonathan from The Best Christmas
  • Coming into 2nd Segment: “Mess” by Anamanaguchi from Mess – Single
  • Going into 2nd Break: “Goodbye” by Unicorn Kid from Lion Hat
  • Coming into 3rd Smegment: “First You Die, Then You Die Again” by SAVESTATES from Mindhouse
  • Going into 3rd Break: “The Massacre” by FantomenK (buy it here!!)
  • Coming into 4th Segment: “XXX is Dead” by Sabrepulse from Chipbreak Wars
  • Going into 4th Break: “Happily Ever After” by Shoko Nakagawa from Gurren Lagann
  • Coming into 5th Segment: “Awakening the Chaos” from Blazblue: Calamity Trigger
  • Closer: “Popular Potpurri” by souleye from VVVVVV


CastDaddy  – Matt Papayanopulos

Words – Kate Reilly

Music – Mitch Rozetar

Artwork – Alex Cabral

Keeper of the Chronicles – Tony Johnson

Wait, what do you do again? – Amanda Johnston



About Random Assault

Random Assault is a collabaration of nerds who get together every Sunday to talk about whatever they want on their show Random Assault Podcast. What makes us unique is that we bring on guests from all walks of life who are just as passonate about entertainment as we are, guests including you! Just drop us a line and we'll put you on the list of guests, it's that easy!
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6 Responses to Random Assault Podcast Episode 050:

  1. CancerMan says:

    Congratulations on hitting 50, guys! Listening right now…

  2. MrSuitMan says:

    Damn guys! 50?! Good shit good shit!

  3. Miss Firefly says:

    YAY! Number 5-0! Champs!

  4. Congratulations! This quite an achievement that few podcasts ever get to!

  5. ALSO HOLY SHIT 5 HOURS! !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. LordFundumpling says:

    Oh, the excitement! Congratulations! Or omedetou gozai-masu for the fellow weaboos!

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