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Total Recall 2012: Total Rehash

So no surprise to no one, I absolutely hated Total Recall 2012.  I may seem reserved in the below video, but rest assured I would have walked out of this movie about 40 minutes in if my buddy Paul wasn’t … Continue reading

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The Rare Sight: An Interview With J.J Hendricks

Collecting rare video games is a fun but very difficult hobby, unless you know your stuff. J.J Hendricks knows his rare games. Recently he was featured on Kotaku and Yahoo for finding one of the rarest games known: Nintendo Powerfest … Continue reading

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Cough Man Plays With Himself: Amnesia – White Night Part 2

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PSA: PlayStation Plus’ Instant Game Collection gets rotated today

Last month at E3, Sony announced an updated version of PlayStation Plus, their premium content service which nets you a bunch of extra goodies for $50 a year. The biggest change was the “Instant Game Collection”, which put 12 free-ass … Continue reading

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PSA: The Journey Collector’s Edition

If you have yet to play Journey, the smash-hit PSN title by thatgamecompany (yes, that is their name), then you are bad and you should feel bad. Don’t have $15 to spend on the game? Fuck you, steal some from … Continue reading

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Awful Achievements & Tasteless Trophies

 Growing up as a guy who loved the arcade, beating someone’s high score felt great. It may not have meant much to others but you knew you had accomplished something that day. These days we have Achievements and Trophies (on … Continue reading

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RA Play #4: Doritos Locos Taco

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