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Clickerbox: Star Trek 1×01 “Where No Man Has Gone Before”

OMG It’s the first new-format review! I’m excited. Are you excited? I thought it’d be fitting for the maiden voyage of the new reviews to discuss the maiden voyage of  the USS Enterprise. Well, not the maiden voyage. Its television … Continue reading

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Not a Weeaboo: BECK

I can’t play a guitar if it’s not plastic with five buttons. I can’t sing at all. So, as a girl with zero musical talent, stories about rock bands, and musicals hold quite an appeal for me. It’s a medium … Continue reading

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Clickerbox: Carnivàle Season 2

Carnivàle’s second and final season finally made me a fan of HBO’s creepy midgets-and-magic drama, just in time for it to be taken from me. Well, fuck. Let’s shake some dust.

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