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Fifty Shades of Stupid Ideas Comes to a Premature End?

For those of you following along, the past couple of days I’ve been going through a list of ridiculous sex ideas one by one and picking them apart and griping about them in a humorous fashion. It would appear that … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of Stupid Ideas Part 1

Right about now, the funk soul brother everyone with mammary glands, myself included, has been reading the fanfic-turned-fistfuck Fifty Shades trilogy. Well, at least the first one. Am I the only one who actually went ahead with the second book? … Continue reading

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Clickerbox: Star Trek 1×01 “Where No Man Has Gone Before”

OMG It’s the first new-format review! I’m excited. Are you excited? I thought it’d be fitting for the maiden voyage of the new reviews to discuss the maiden voyage of  the USS Enterprise. Well, not the maiden voyage. Its television … Continue reading

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Clickerbox: Carnivàle Season 2

Carnivàle’s second and final season finally made me a fan of HBO’s creepy midgets-and-magic drama, just in time for it to be taken from me. Well, fuck. Let’s shake some dust.

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Minor Assault – “Mortal Kombat”

It’s Minor Assault Mortal Kombat edition! With your hosts Alex Cabral, Tony Johnson and SPECIAL GUEST Luke Cunningham (TotalMortalKombat) we bring you a fandom like no other. Coving just about everything MK from games to other media, the fantstically awesome … Continue reading

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