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Clickerbox: Star Trek 1×06 “The Naked Time”

Enterprise investigates the deaths of a science team on a dying world, while a mysterious infection spreads throughout the ship. Best premise yet? Possibly. Despite the title, there’s very little nudity.  😦

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Clickerbox: Star Trek 1×05 “The Man Trap”

Enterprise stops off at yet another planet with a boring name full of meaningless numbers to deliver supplies and perform routine medical exams on a belligerent archaeologist and his waifu. Meanwhile, members of the crew keep popping up dead covered … Continue reading

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Clickerbox: Star Trek 1×04 “The Enemy Within”

The world’s first transporter malfunction splits Kirk into two, one good, one evil. Here comes the bullshit, boys and girls! Beam me up.

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Clickerbox: Star Trek 1×03 “Mudd’s Women”

Enterprise takes on four new passengers in the form of a space pimp and his hos. Hilarity ensues. It’s Trek time.

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Clickerbox: Star Trek 1×02 “The Corbomite Maneuver”

Sigh. Lasers, lies, stupidity, and of course beehive hairdos. Ready for  more Star Trek? Yeah, me neither.

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The 3DS: First Impressions from a Raving Nintendo Fanboy

It’s now been a year since the son of the Handheld Gods, the Nintendo 3DS, hit store shelves in these glorious United States. How did it take me this long to get one? Well, games are expensive, and systems are … Continue reading

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Not a Weeaboo: Rumbling Hearts

Yet another show that has destroyed me and left me in tears, Rumbling Hearts is possibly the first anime I’ve seen to portray a believable, mature romance between normal fucking people. I didn’t even know they could do that.

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